Samsung 15.6 WXGA HD LCD Screen Matte


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samsung ltn156at24
P/N 0A66650
FRU 04W3260


Display : Led

Screen Size: 15.6-inch WideScreen (13.6×7.6)

Maximum Resolution: WXGA (1366×768) HD

Connector: 40 Pin Bottom Left.

Screen Finish:  Matte


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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 13.6 × 7.6 × 2 cm
Compatible replacement for

B156XTN02 V.0 V.2, B156XW02 V.1 V.2, B156XW02 V.2 HW4A HW1A, N156B6-L04 L06, N156B6-LOB C1 C2, N156BGE-L21 C1, N156B6-L04 N156B6-L06, LP156WH2 TL A1 AA AC EA Q8, LP156WH4 TL A1 C1 N1 N2 Q2, LTN156AR21 002, LTN156AT02-A02 D02, LTN156AT05 W01 H01 H02 S01 S06 U09, LTN156AT09 H02 H03 H04, LTN156AT15 C01, LTN156AT16 L01, LTN156AT17 D01, LTN156AT24-T01 A01, LTN156AT27-H01 H02, LTN156AT32 T01,

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