Small Business

Business Management

Your business does not need to have its own IT Department, but your business depends on the proper functioning of its technology every day. We will take care of all your technical services required for your business. This can include: Servers and workstations, running and managing your networks, backup solutions and disaster recovery plans, support for end users and programmers, robust business applications that are customized to meet the needs of your business.

Through our Managed IT services, we offer various levels of support to help you safeguard your data and ensure reliability in an always changing world.

Point of Sale

We provide point of sale services to small businesses. Point of sales systems allow you to accept cash, credit cards and debit cards.

We help you get the most out of your Point of Sale software by providing the industry’s best service and support. We believe that great service begins before installation — we work with you to figure out your business needs and create an ideal POS system that fits perfectly into your way of doing things. Whether you’re looking for a full integrated solution or just need some add-ons, we provide comprehensive, affordable services to help you stay competitive in your market.

Your POS system is your backbone, which is why we make sure your Point of Sale machines are up to date and running optimally. We provide assistance on everything from hardware to software and everything in between. The worst case for a business is down time, and we work hard to prevent it.

Website Security

Your website is your business investment on the internet. Do you know how secure your website is? Over 300,000 login attempts are made to unsecured websites DAILY. Is your website in this list of login attempts?

Cyber Security is an important part of securing your information from being tampered with. We can secure and monitor your website, build a defense against unwanted users attempting to gain control of your website.

We can be your preventative measure against cyber attacks.

Website Management

Have you or a technician maintained your website recently? Is your website updated on a monthly or weekly basis?

We take the hassle of managing and maintaining your business website by doing it for you. We can also diagnose issues pertaining to the WordPress setup, errors in MySQL, to issues with Nginx and Apache.

We can also troubleshoot issues pertaining to website loading, plugin compatibility & more.

Server Management

When an issue occurs to this main piece of hardware for your business, it could cause catastrophic impact to your business. We can be your troubleshooting expert to diagnose issues with your server and provide you with solutions. We can also assist with upgrades and planned maintenance activities to prevent downtime from occurring in the first place.

Our managed services provide your small business with the support needed to eliminate these issues before they occur.

Downtime can mean a complete disaster for your business, especially when it’s because of an issue to the server (backbone of your business). We can help you diagnose issues with your server and offer our expert advice for repairs.

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